This page contains selected videos showing ways of working within ScorBox.

Laying out a full score with the Score program.

This is a ten-part video series, illustrating a complete layout cycle with the Score music notation program. Various utilities and batch files are used in the process; everything runs in Windows 7, 64-bit. I broke this into ten parts, because at the time I uploaded this video, YouTube restricted videos to ten minutes. Grab a hot cup of Joe, fire up some Smores, you’re in for a real treat. I am working on a sequel to this film, entitled, “885 ways of spacing accidentals in ScorBox.” It will exceed the overall length of this series by no more than fifteen minutes or so. Be sure not to miss it: become a subscriber to this channel now!

Score with menus!

This video shows the Score program running through DosBox in Windows 7, 64-bit, and the use of menus and shortcut commands to manipulate the program in ways not possible before now. It’s the one that started it all. Ah, the memories! How we laughed and laughed!

The Waitzman print offsets!

Never before seen footage; the grainy look contributes to its rugged and raw feel. It’s “The Bourne Ultimatum” meets “Bridges of Madison County.” You’ll come back to this one again and again. I don’t want to give away the ending so as not to ruin the surprise.

File manager for ScorBox.

This video illustrates the use of a file manager when working in Score. Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, this one will leave you with mouth agape; or should that be with arms akimbo?

Constructing a macro.

Time to get down and dirty. Grab your toolbox, throw in some variables, stick it into a loop, and voilà! Another three hours of your life down the drain that you’ll never get back.

Converting an outline shape from Adobe Illustrator into a Draw file.

How to convert any outline – whether a font character or any other kind of graphic outline – from Adobe Illustrator into a vector list that can be processed by the Draw program, part of the Score music publishing system. This one is ideal for those rainy vacation days. Day one: converting an entire Cyrillic alphabet into code 9 elements!

ScorBox launchpad.

This video illustrates the foundation of “ScorBox,” required for working with any component of the Score music publishing system through DosBox and Macro Express. All processes illustrated in the video are launched through Macro Express modules. Mind you, you’re not actually getting anything done here; you’re just enabled to start ScorBox! Wow! Hot peat!

ScorBox EditScor plugin

This video shows how to execute any EditScor script as a “plugin” command on any open file within ScorBox. Pretty cool, actually. Still, you won’t make any money with this one either.

ScorBox Smart NB NX

Now, imagine. Going from one page to the next with ease! This one blows away the competition. Also under development: generate invoices automatically by performing an item count in any open Score file. One test module has already been developed: EditScor searches for title text items; if it contains the word “Symphoney,” generate a flat invoice for $25,000. Don’t take no for an answer! Trust me, one guy in the Big Apple (who believes to be a Big Cheese, albeit non-odoriferous), is already doing this! (Make sure you debug your script for proper spelling, though.) (Hm, this all seems very very mysterious!)

ScorBox PDF

This video gives a demonstration of how to create a quick PDF file of any open file within ScorBox. Imagine: you’re editing a piece of music, and you can actually see what it looks like! Don’t that beat all.

ScorBox LJ plugin

This video shows two ScorBox plugins:

  1. LJ/autoselect
  2. LJ/sp

LJ/autoselect spaces all notes within an open file, accounting for lyrics. LJ/sp spaces all notes of selected systems, accounting for lyrics. Timeo Danaos et dona ferentes!

Rippling measures

Our first foray into the horror genre! This video shows four ScorBox modules that ripple measures on single staves in different and utterly surprising ways. Before you know it, you’ll be rippling back and forth, just for the adrenaline. Rated R.

Triplet brackets with opposing hooks

Another little morsel to tempt you! One way or another, you’ll find some excuse for why triplet brackets should be positioned between staves. And the beauty part is: you can invoke this macro just for fun! Bored with engraving measure 2013 (= m. 2012 = m. 2011 = m. 2010 = m. 2009… surely there must be a macro for this!) of Philip Glass’s new opera Niagara Vindaloo? Put in a triplet bracket, run the macro, invoke Undo, and you’re ready to brave m. 2014 (= m. 2013 = m. 2012 = m. 2011 = m. 2010 = …)

This video has been released for General Audiences. The related video, “Tuplet brackets with opposing hooks” is for mature audiences only and therefore does not appear on this site.

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