To submit Macro Express modules, batch files, EditScor scripts, or anything else you think is useful for working with ScorBox, send all relevant files to:

Please provide a detailed description of what your files are intended to accomplish.

Anything you submit will be reviewed and tested both for reliability and security before being posted.

We also look forward to your comments on the website and suggestions for improvements or additional features.

Note that this is a volunteer site; everything you download from here is free to download and share. By the same token, you will receive no remuneration for anything you might submit, and by submitting anything you agree that your submission may be downloaded and shared freely.

All procedures submitted must be open for inspection. Password protected macros will not be considered, as their safety and reliability cannot be properly assessed. Furthermore, password protecting macros does not conform to the ScorBox philosophy of “openness.” Submissions may be revised for conformity or internal logic.

Please indicate if you wish your name to be credited as the creator of whatever you submit.

Finally, it is envisioned to set up a bulletin board on this site; as yet, that feature has not yet been installed. For the moment, you can send questions to the same e-mail address (, and we will mount the question manually on the Questions and Answers page, followed by an answer as soon as it becomes available.



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