Launch Page.exe


Activation: via the “ScorBox launch pad.”

This macro launches the Page program within ScorBox.

Once you select “Page” from this list and click OK, several further options will be presented:

Choose the option that suits you. Note that the first option is determined by the content of the support file “default-directory.txt.”

To execute this macro successfully, you have to modify the included support files to conform to your work environment:

In “page-location.txt,” indicate the full path to the location of your Page.exe.

“” is the initialization file for DosBox; once you have ascertained that the initialization file works on your system, you should not have to modify it further (see the discussion on the “DosBox” page).

In “drive-mounts.txt,” indicate all the drives you would like to be able to access while working within ScorBox.

In “default-drive.txt,” simply indicate the drive you consider to be your default for working with ScorBox. On  my system, that is S:\. On yours, it might be C:\.

In “default-directory.txt,” indicate the directory within which you would start ScorBox by default. This is similar to the indication of your startup directory for CMD.EXE.

In “program-names.txt,” indicate the actual names of the executables you wish to launch. For instance, if when launching Scorlas you actually launch SCORLAS4.EXE, you’ll need to indicate that in this support file. Further instructions for the modification of this file are included in the file itself.

“getShortPathName.bat” is a batch file required in order to obtain 8.3 nomenclature of long path names. This batch file must be present in your ScorBox support directory, but you should not change it.

NOTE: two additional support files are required in order to launch this Score module in ScorBox: (1) “path.txt”, and (2) “mode-settings.txt”. Both of these support files will be created automatically when you first run this macro:

“path.txt” will contain the path statement required to launch ScorBox successfully; follow the prompt.

“mode-settings.txt” will initially contain the following statement for launching MODE.COM as part of the launch procedure: mode con: rate=32 delay=1. These parameters attempt to address keyboard issues you may encounter when launching ScorBox. Should you encounter keyboard issues, you may have to experiment with changing the settings within the “mode-settings.txt” file to suit your needs.

Within Macro Express, position “Launch Page.exe” into “General issues”:

To view a video illustrating the ScorBox launch pad and the launching of Page.exe, go to the “Start ScorBox module” page.

Posted by Jürgen Selk

revised:  28 March 2011.

Added support for two additional support files: “path.txt” and “mode-settings.txt”. The user should import the revised macro into Macro Express. The new support files will be created automatically when launching the revised macro for the first time.

revised:  24 March 2011.

The revision requires the installation of this revised Macro Express module, available on the “Required Macros” page, and the installation of the new support file “program-names.txt.” If you have previously downloaded and customized the other support files, you can leave those as they were.

initial posting:  14 March 2011.



Download file:

Macro Express module:

  • Launch Page.exe

Support files:

  • page-location.txt
  • drive-mounts.txt
  • default-drive.txt
  • default-directory.txt
  • program-names.txt
  • getShortPathName.bat

To avoid double-postings of macros on this site, this macro and the support file are included on the REQUIRED MACROS page.

The “support files” must be placed into your ScorBox support directory, as indicated in User variable “ScorBoxSupportFiles.”


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