Keystroke Speed


Activation: called internally by various Macro Express modules.

This module implements a keystroke speed setting, which is of use primarily where Macro Express will “type” commands directly into ScorBox.

Without defining the keystroke speed, text entered into ScorBox by Macro Express may be entered faster than the keyboard buffer can process. The keystroke speed will artificially slow down the rate at which new characters can be typed out by Macro Express. The optimal setting will vary from system to system; you may have to experiment to obtain the optimal setting for your specific system.

Note that this macro requires the presence of an initialization file, “keystroke_speed.txt”  in your ScorBox support directory, as indicated in User variable “ScorBoxSupportFiles.”

“keystroke_speed.txt” contains only a number: the rate, in milliseconds, at which keystrokes will be executed. To change the rate, enter a higher or lower number into “keystroke_speed.txt”. The revised value will be used by all macros calling upon “GLOBAL Keystroke Speed.”

Within Macro Express, position this macro into GLOBAL settings:

Most Macro Express modules call this module; it is not executed by itself, but only by being called within other modules. Note that you can always define the keystroke speed separately in each module; however, should you then discover that you generally require keystroke speed of a different value than you indicated in each individual module, you would then have to modify the keystroke speed in each module separately. By defining the keystroke speed globally inside the “GLOBAL Keystroke speed” module, and then calling that module where required, you would have to change the keystroke setting only once, in “keystroke.txt,” and the new setting would apply to all relevant modules at once.

Posted by Jürgen Selk

initial posting    14 March 2011



Download file:

Macro Express module:

  • GLOBAL Keystroke Speed

Support file:

  • keystroke_speed.txt

To avoid double-postings of macros on this site, this macro and the support file are included on the REQUIRED MACROS page.

The “support file” must be placed into your ScorBox support directory, as indicated in User variable “ScorBoxSupportFiles.”


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