Break Barlines [ES]


Activation: place within an EditScor menu item and activate from there.

This macro requires Tom Brodhead’s “EditScor” program in order to function.
Note that this macro requires the presence of an EditScor “ini” file. Mine has this content:

/i inmus.txt /n /pscpath s:\lib /v /osx /stats

I recommend using the /stats as well as the /pscpath as a bare minimum. Make sure that the ini file is placed in the directory where your copy of the EditScor program resides.

Details of this macro:

“Break barlines” breaks barlines around text items that intersect them. Before:


The macro depends on the EditScor script “barbreak.txt” (included in the download file) in order to function.

Invoke this macro on any open Score file, and the required change will be performed on that file; there is no need to indicate the file name, or to reload the revised file. In essence, importing this macro into Macro Express and placing the associated EditScor script into the “ES-Scripts” directory (see instructions for the Download file on this page) creates a completely new “command” for working within ScorBox for which there is no provision at all within the Score program.

This macro can be used as a model for any EditScor scripts you may wish to be able to invoke as plugins on open files. Instructions on how to do this in a matter of minutes can be gleaned on the Notes tab in the macro:

Within Macro Express, position this macro into the EditScor category:

To see this macro in action, and to see how to make any of your EditScor scripts available as plugins when working in ScorBox, have a look at this video:

Posted by Jürgen Selk

initial posting:  24 March 2011



Download file:


The download file contains the following:

Macro Express module:

  • Break barlines [ES]

EditScor script:

  • barbreak.txt


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